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Tips for Exercising with an Infant

Finding time to exercise after having a baby can feel like a losing battle. When you do find the time, you may not have the energy or the motivation. But it's important to get some exercise to keep your energy levels and strength up.

After experiencing a colicky baby myself and unable to exercise because he cries whenever I put him down and its impossible to get a few free moments, I have been experimenting with ways to get in physical activity. Here are some things that I’ve looked into and tried myself. My favorite is wearing the baby carrier because it’s the only thing he likes, and doing lunges and squats while chatting/singing to him.

Tips for exercising with an infant:

  • Stroller walk or baby carrier walk

  • Lunges and squats holding and singing to baby

  • Planks and push ups during baby mat time

  • Baby Bootcamp (only available in select states)

  • Twin Cities Fit 4 Mom (for those local to the Twin Cities area)

  • “7 minute workout” during a baby snooze or when they are in a swing or bouncer (if they like those!)

  • Fit by Amy on YouTube: workouts with or without baby

Note: Always consult with your doctor if you're unsure about how much to exercise post-partum!

Do you have any tips for exercising with an infant? Feel free to comment below and share!


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