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Tips for Recovery After Cycling

My first long distance cycling event was the Tour de Tonka in Minnetonka, Minnesota! I did 71 miles, which I definitely was feeling afterwards. Here are some of the things after cycling that helped with recovery.

Tips for Recovery After Cycling

Nutrition: Grab some high protein snacks or shakes to help promote muscle building and repair and decrease muscle damage. For dinner that night, consider a high protein meal.

Rest: After a long or particularly vigorous ride, it's important to do a cool down period and not just stop abruptly. Give your legs a few minutes to spin easy before resting.

Hydration: Keep yourself hydrated to recover faster after a cycling ride. Dehydration can seriously impede recovery. Drink water or a recovery drink with electrolytes.

Sleep: Sleep is so important to recovery! Make sure you get 7 to 8 hours of shut eye the night after a long ride.

My husband and I love to go cycling and I am looking forward to doing my next cycling event!


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