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What is Hormone Pellet Therapy?

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Have you heard of pellet therapy?

There are many forms of hormone replacement therapy. Oral, transdermal, injectable, but one form many people are not as familiar with is implantable. Pellets are subcutaneously implantable bioidentical hormones, smaller in size than a tic tac, that slowly dissolve over an extended period. They are used in both men and women.

Although estradiol and progesterone can also be delivered via pellet therapy, testosterone is the most common hormone delivered by this method. One of the benefits of pellet therapy is that they release a consistent amount of hormone over several months’ duration, giving steady symptom relief without the frequent on-off symptoms of shorter-acting forms of replacement. They are also convenient, with average dosing intervals of 2.5-6 months, and do not have the potential of transference to others, which the creams and gels do.

The pellets are placed during a very simple, in-office procedure under local anesthetic, with minimal down-time and recovery.

Dr. Briana Rueda provides hormone pellet therapy in Maple Grove, Minnesota at Twin Cities Integrative Medicine.


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